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Instructor Training

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Instructor Training is a series of elearning modules that help new writing teachers at the University of Florida set up their courses and design activities. The modules introduce teachers to university student learning outcomes, and frame how to design learning objectives, scaffold units, sequence activities, design assessments, and integrate materials into Canvas LMS. The teacher training modules will convert a required orientation series into an asynchronous online course that serves as the onboarding program. Project currently in development.

Role: Learning Experience Designer, elearning Developer

Responsibilities: Research, Analysis, LX Design, Prototyping, Graphic Design, User Testing, Evaluation

Target Audience: Higher education professionals

Tools: Adobe Photoshop, Canvas LMS, Camtasia, Figma



New instructors at the University of Florida only have about two weeks to develop their courses​. The training modules cover detailed policies and teaching best practices through a series of informative presentations and interactive assessments. Design uses a construction theme to help participants build their profile and courses. Since many of the instructors will be teaching similar courses, the modules treat onboarding as a social experience that also introduces the new hires to the culture of UF. By the end of the modules, new instructors will have completed all new hire paperwork, understand classroom policies and expectations, and have personalized content within their Canvas LMS shell. 

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