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eLearning for Health Professions

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Health Literacy is an elearning module developed for Writing in the Health Professions courses at the University of Florida. The activities help learners understand health literacy gaps, analyze medical discourse, communicate with health professionals, survey patients, and communicate health issues to the public. Scaffolded lessons culminate in a graded challenge where learners use their health literacy skills to develop a public health media campaign.  


Role: Designer, Instructor

Responsibilities: Research, Graphic Design, Information Architecture, LMS Integration, User Testing, Evaluation  


Audience: Health Professionals, Students


Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Premier Pro, Canva, Kahoot, Qualtrics

The design emphasizes easy to navigate units, recognizable icons, links to additional resources, progressive feedback, and cohesive colors and image styles. The course covers a lot of information, so the design creates cohesion while using visual cues to break up text and engage the user.

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