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Access and Ability

Access 3.png

Access and Ability is a media campaign I developed for the annual Pedagogy, Practice and Philosophy Conference (PPP) in January 2020. This national conference brings in instructors, designers, educators, program administrators, and learning specialists from around the world to discuss pedagogy. The conference theme for 2020 was Access and Ability, and participants were encouraged to consider new tools, methods, and approaches to accessible instruction.

Role: Designer, Media Manager, Event Coordinator, Keynote Speaker

Responsibilities: Conference Design, Media Design, Distribution, Analytics


Audience: Conference participants, Educators online, the general public


Tools Used: Adobe Photoshop, Canva, Twitter, MassMine Data Tracking

The media campaign engaged conference participants and distance learners through interactive Twitter discussions. Each of the posters below was designed for the conference and featured online as a question prompt. Over the course of the event we reached over 1,000 unique visitors and increased traffic to the conference site by 250%.  

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