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Shannon Butts Portfolio

I am an Educator and Designer. My research and teaching focus on digital rhetoric, public writing, scientific communication, and social advocacy.


Digital platforms and mobile technologies are changing how we read, write and circulate information. My work examines how emerging technologies create new ways to build educational resources and facilitate community-engaged advocacy. Working with issues such as climate change, gender inequality, and racial justice, I explore how emerging technologies can connect local issues to global initiatives and create platforms for social change.

Hi, I'm Shannon.

​I also work with students and members of the community to design engaging, data-driven learning experiences. 

Public Writing Projects 

Recent Work


Mobilizing Paris

An augmented reality learning experience that teaches the history of power and protest in the streets of Paris. 

Paris 68.jpeg



An interactive, award-winning mobile app that helps people understand climate change within their local community.

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Tactile Technologies

A curriculum program for learning accessible design principles through 3D printing.

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I create customized learning experiences that best fit your student needs. Designs use interactive formats to motivate learners, sequence activities and build long-lasting skills. 


Places are unique, so why adopt a one-size-fits-all communication approach? Localization services adapt learning tools to best fit your place, space, people, & culture.


My courses and workshops socialize learners - creating an environment where people can share knowledge, promote best practices, and support each other.


As a product manager, I work  with cross-functional teams to prioritize tasks, engage stakeholders, develop deliverables, and drive iteration. Let's build something together!

Project Management

Learner-centered modules  blend digital, social, & printed materials. Blended learning approaches scaffold lessons while also empowering  individuals to explore information at their own pace.



Research drives innovation.

To ensure the best learning outcomes, I identify needs, assess tools, analyze learners, challenge expectations, and develop targeted solutions. 


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